Sunday, December 30, 2012

Strangers We Meet

Had another one of those mysterious How AND why do we run into people experiences….

I was talking to these two guys outside HH in the very cold early morning, and my sweet waitress brought me coffee. I held the door open for some sad/angry-looking lady and asked the waitress to see what was wrong with her.

My buddy Pete and I crashed her table on a mission to make her laugh. We did! I think she thought she'd met the crazy bunch. Everyone in the place was cutting up. She said she was just tired, but left laughing and saying she would be back soon.

Headed out for dinner tonight, I started toward two different restaurants and wound up at a third. Guess who’s sitting in there waiting for Chinese takeout!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wanted by Hunter Hayes

Anyone can tell you you're pretty
You get that all the time, I know you do
But your beauty's deeper than the makeup

More jh isms

More jh isms

Some passions burn forever, re-kindled in our lore;
Others die sightless, soundless on a bar room floor.

Not doing what we want to do but shouldn’t—it’s a start!

The higher I climb…
the further I may fall,
But there is no way
I’ll miss seeing it all!

  • ‎"What scent is that you have on?"
    "Irreplicable Me!" jh
Wishing you all a "Bedford Falls" kind of Christmas joy!

Day-by- day I die without living
Neglecting the passion I’m given

Though its cost can be disappointment, hope is the most precious gift life offers us. jh

If they can forget the FIRST dance, never give them a second ....

When we’re always looking backwards while we walk, we run into walls; I can’t afford too many head injuries, so I prefer looking forward. jh

Only the BEST liars can lie,
When I look 'em in the eye


One of my more motivated friends built a home gym as part of a New Year's resolution. I bought an Ab Rocket a while back but have never re-fueled it. I am back to my 1992 waist size. The cut ab days are gone; I think my goal will have to be to keep my stomach reasonably flat despite my love for all things food!

Friday, December 28, 2012


“All children, except one, grow up.”
J.M. Barie

Strum your guitar; sing it, kid.
Write about your feelings,
Not the things you never did.
Or inexperience, once it cursed me
But your youth is no handicap;
It’s what makes you thirsty.

harry chapin “there only was one choice”

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Someone’s prayers are working; please keep them going!

I attended a casual wedding reception tonight—not the ideal place to go to cap my eventful and depressing week, my unwelcome divorce having finalized on Monday.

  There were probably 50 or more people at the party. I was sitting by myself at one of a number of folding tables set up for eating when out of the blue, this precious little girl of maybe 2-years old saddles up beside me. I have never met this child before, and I figured she was just mistaking me for her daddy. She wraps her arms around me, smiles the sweetest smile as she looks me straight in the eyes, and mutters something as she gives me a “there, there, now” pat on the back.

  A few minutes later, I see a beautiful golden Labrador retriever—another stranger—prances around the corner of the house. He focused his eyes directly my way, as he made a bee line for me to make his tail-wagging introduction, after which he proceeded to sit down and stay right beside me.

  My spirits were lifted a bit, but I didn’t stay long. The atmosphere was festive, despite the Hagg on the music box, but I still felt alone among the crowd.

  As I headed home, I debated staying in for the rest of the night or running a couple of errands and maybe stopping by one of my regular restaurant homes for a cup of coffee.

  Out I went. After some indecision as to whether I wanted to stop at my restaurant, I pulled into the parking lot. One of my regular waitresses was off the clock and talking to another customer outside. (Waitresses, of course, make oustanding lay psychologists.) 

  As I got out, the waitress approached me to say the other customer told her he really liked my customized truck, to which she replied, “I know him; I’m gonna give him a hug.”

  She asked how I was, and I replied to her that I sure wish she would quit waitressing and return to the massage therapy business, so I could let her regularly work on my carpel-tunnel plagued hand and arm.

   “Go get your coffee and come on back out, and I’ll work on your hand.”

   I went in and my coffee was served without ordering it. Within seconds someone made some funny comment which had us all laughing.

   Back outside, and about 15 minutes into my free hand therapy, out comes my other regular waitress to refill my coffee cup. What service!

  Pain free, I ate a delicious meal, thanked my accommodating hosts, including an awesome cook, and left very pleased that I had not stayed home alone tonight.

Sing it LOUD!

I'd much prefer to regret hitting the "send" button than the "mute" button! jh

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hendo, AKA Kingpun, shares blog

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hendo's isms

My Ab Rocket’s out of fuel.

Better not growl if you can’t bite.

The artistry of dog noses on glass: Monet, van Gogh, and Picasso have major exhibits on my doors.

I had a place like that all dreamed out, but....

Para: The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

Were you nervous?
Shakin’ like a dog.

Don't live for the weekend; it costs you too much time!
Living for the weekend is such a waste of time.
I'm still waiting on the day when the world's going to say I'm old fashioned because I still think 2+2=4.

My first ever IV--the only shot that ever made me cry--the nurse let me ask what I wanted to eat. I dreamed BIG, like little boys do, and she stuck me! :(

I still LOVE nurses! That chocolate talk has me wishing I had some real dessert; at least I have part of a dark chocolate bar: Don't leave a home without it!

Word bully; n, A person who tries to silence your opposing viewpoint by despicably labeling you. Hendo

Hung out--after closing--with the waitress and cook at Huddle House last night, and another waitress dropped in and visited. It's my little family of strangers.

Last night they went out together and texted other people. Oh! Such progress.

Fresh leftovers served every other day*

*Caution: Eat at your own risk. Antacids have not been shown effective in the treatment of bad food choices.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

For your listening pleasure-- Mister Tanner Music

From the Mr. Tanner files

Lady More

© 1976 Jimbo Henderson

Lady, I thought you ought to know
That you are something special to me
More than just a best friend
So much more than any best friend
You’re so much more

These words here, they’re long overdue
But now they, they are sung for you
A meaning I’m not sure I know
A feeling that I can’t outgrow
It’s all for you

Forever, I’ll be indebted to you
For making me feel so new
You were there when I needed you
And saw me through my despair
I know I care

So Lady, I thought you ought to know
That you are something special to me
More than just a best friend
So much more than any best friend
You’re so much more
You’re so much more

From the Mr. Tanner files

Lovely lady

©1978 Jimbo Henderson

Lovely lady from across the sea
Glad we had this time, you and me
To walk the shore and share some tales
Talk about what we’re put here for
What we found some folks never find
The search can drive you right out a your mind….

And though the time it went quite fast
The memories will always last
Yeah memories can always last

Thought about stayin’ away
Knew that you’d be leaving someday
But the more I tried, I just couldn’t hide
From that voice way down deep inside
It said no matter how short a time span
You gotta make it the best that you can….

And though the time it went quite fast
The memories will always last
Yeah memories can always last

We sipped some tea at a table for three
It made the day go better for me
A little later, I sang you my song
That told how love had done me wrong
Before we knew it, we were out of time
I said perhaps, you could drop me a line….

And though the time it went quite fast
The memories will always last
Yeah memories can always last

From the Mr. Tanner files

King of Hearts

© Jimbo Henderson 1996

He’s a stranger in this world he left behind.
Waiting for his only love, he lost his mind.
He says she’s coming back someday;
She’s just only lost her way.
He’s the king of hearts, can’t throw his love away.

She left him in the spring of ‘92
There were things she said she really had to do.
He cried when she went away,
But she promised she’d be back some day;
He’s the king of hearts, can’t throw his love away.

The first year was the hardest one of all.
On lonely nights he’d bang his head against the wall.
His friends tried to help him out,
But to him there wasn’t any doubt.
He’s the king of hearts, can’t throw his love away.

He’s the king of hearts, he knew she’d be back some day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random prompt (Took a little more bravery): He didn’t think he was a cat person until he met Matilda

Cat Woman

by jimbo – 3 minutes ago Edit Story Details
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Matilda changed a great many things in my empty life. I started to wonder if a meal could be too good after such a long time being hungry....?
She filled a vacuum that was up until her kept quelled with the useless, busy ennui that consumes most our days.
Pleasing people who didn't care a whit about pleasing us. Satisfying faceless clients who lived miles away.
She made life real again.
Matilda’s cat taught me a great deal, too.

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After I’d finished, I wanted to do a re-write, changing the main character’s name to Walt and re-naming it “Walt with Matilda.”

Six minute stories--a new way to avoid boredom

The prompt: the disco ball was turning

Disco Destiny

by jimbo – 

Whatever made me want to be here? The thump, thump, thump kept repeating, as one song blended into another.
"This isn't music." I muttered to myself. Then I turned to glance across the bar and realized the "music" didn't matter.
There she was. She smiled at me, and I felt alive again. As she wandered my way pushing through the packed disco, I felt a nervous excitement begin to grow inside my stomach. I wished I'd had fewer Millers that night; I didn't want to sound wasted when we began talking.
"Hey there," I began.

A Voice to Remember

The prompt: “You had me at Ox bow lake”

by jimbo – 
The day went well. Lots of talk about what we could've done and could've been. Smiles and twinkles led to hugs then kisses.
Memories were relived and sighs..."You know, you had me at Ox Bow Lake. I knew it had to be you. A little maturity in your face, the hair's a little shorter. But the lake's name made me really hear your voice, and that hadn't changed in 40 years."
I always wanted more than we had had...