Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random prompt (Took a little more bravery): He didn’t think he was a cat person until he met Matilda

Cat Woman

by jimbo – 3 minutes ago Edit Story Details
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Matilda changed a great many things in my empty life. I started to wonder if a meal could be too good after such a long time being hungry....?
She filled a vacuum that was up until her kept quelled with the useless, busy ennui that consumes most our days.
Pleasing people who didn't care a whit about pleasing us. Satisfying faceless clients who lived miles away.
She made life real again.
Matilda’s cat taught me a great deal, too.

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After I’d finished, I wanted to do a re-write, changing the main character’s name to Walt and re-naming it “Walt with Matilda.”

Six minute stories--a new way to avoid boredom

The prompt: the disco ball was turning

Disco Destiny

by jimbo – 

Whatever made me want to be here? The thump, thump, thump kept repeating, as one song blended into another.
"This isn't music." I muttered to myself. Then I turned to glance across the bar and realized the "music" didn't matter.
There she was. She smiled at me, and I felt alive again. As she wandered my way pushing through the packed disco, I felt a nervous excitement begin to grow inside my stomach. I wished I'd had fewer Millers that night; I didn't want to sound wasted when we began talking.
"Hey there," I began.

A Voice to Remember

The prompt: “You had me at Ox bow lake”

by jimbo – 
The day went well. Lots of talk about what we could've done and could've been. Smiles and twinkles led to hugs then kisses.
Memories were relived and sighs..."You know, you had me at Ox Bow Lake. I knew it had to be you. A little maturity in your face, the hair's a little shorter. But the lake's name made me really hear your voice, and that hadn't changed in 40 years."
I always wanted more than we had had...