Saturday, December 14, 2013

To Others We Are…. jh

To Others We Are…. jh


What is it we really remember about people we meet along our fumbling way through life….


My life has afforded me the opportunity to get to know THOUSANDS of young people. It’s amazing the little things that help me remember so many of them.


A guy that was a student at my school, and about 10 years younger than me, passed away this week. It has me thinking about what it is that STAYS with us as we meet so many.


I remember the youthful football player from loud Friday nights under the stadium lights. We had a number of occasions to socialize and swap chit chat over the years. We weren’t close, but I looked at him as the type who would lend you a hand if you needed one. He never seemed grumpy, and he always acted glad to see you. He was a really big man with an even bigger smile.


He married, had kids, divorced. He built a business and worked hard. Even the new husband of his ex-wife spoke highly of him. Now, he’s gone-- too young-- from a heart attack.


I’m sure he’ll be sadly missed by many because he left such a good, warm impression with those who even casually knew him. And, for those who REALLY knew him, I’m sure he left many fond memories. They now must reflect on those memories….and treasure them. I’m remembering you today, Keith, in my own small way.


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