Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fry it up, Southern Style

More than a 'nana samich,  jh

My latest taste experiment had me doing some pretty dangerous face contortions. Being the brave and riskyman that I am...I put it in my mouth anyway....

Butter up a couple of slices of bread--BONUS--it doesn't even have to be twist-tie-always-used fresh.
Heat up your cook top somewhere in the mid-range temps. Toss your bread in the skillet and add a banana sliced in half and lengthways.

Heat it all up a couple of minutes. Lift the bread and nanas out and gob the bread in some peanut butter--make mine Peter Pan, honey crunch, thank you. Put the sammich together and smash it. Plunk it back in the pan to heat up the PB.

If you have any kind of taste, you'll love it.

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