Sunday, August 7, 2016

This is how we cook it back home in....

My British Mom regularly blamed her unusual food combinations and approaches to cooking on "The way we do it back home." Lately, I'm hearing it regarding methods of food prep used in the Philippines.

Calling someone a liar is frowned upon in these parts, where we're considered backwards, but we still have civilized manners. But I'm not buying it now, and I don't think my mom believed she ever had me convinced either. I think it's a form of "Uh" or "Um" space filler for when your brain isn't working quite fast enough to fill the awkward pause.

The other evening for supper we decided to have breakfast--served up "Filipino-style." I was game. The egg shells were white, but the eggs scrambled up a darker brown. Bacon was skipped for bun-sized smoked sausage links. Instead of white bread-toasted-I ate some fancy wheat "flat bread." She piled hers on rice.

As I tentatively dug in,  I caught her eyeing me to catch my reaction. I was Busted! My face couldn't hide it--I quit playing Poker very young. "This is how we cook it..." came forth.

I don't think she believed I bought it, but it didn't matter. It was sooooooooo tasty. Whatever you call it.

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